1. The tournament will be played by the Swiss FIDE System in 7 rounds.

2. The duration of the game is 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1.

3. All players with a valid FIDE Spain licence and players from other countries with a valid FIDE licence can participate.

4. The tournament is valid to compute ELO FIDE and ELO FEDA.

5. The tournament will be played in two groups:

· Group A: Open to all players. Valid for FIDE and FEDA ELO. It will be played from Wednesday 20th April to Sunday 24th April.

· Group B: Open to all players with a FIDE elo below 2000 points. Valid for FIDE and FEDA elo. It will be played from Wednesday 20th April to Sunday 24th April.

A player may request to play in the higher group. If the inscription does not indicate anything, the player will be included in the group that corresponds to his FIDE Elo. The initial ranking will be formed taking into account the FIDE Elo and then FEDA Elo.

6. T6. The pairings will be made through the computer program “Swiss Manager”.

7. The director of the tournament is Mr. David Pons Carreras, the main referee will be Mr. l’AI José Francisco Suárez Roa.

8. Any player who shows up for the game more than thirty minutes late, in relation to the scheduled start time of the round, will forfeit his/her game. If he/she does not show up for the first round, or for two consecutive or alternate rounds, he/she will be eliminated, unless the referee decides otherwise.

9. Byes will be credited with +0.5 points. They may be requested to the referee before the end of the previous round with a maximum of two for the whole tournament, except for the last two rounds when byes are not allowed.

10. Ties: for any position in the general classification, the following systems will be used in this order: Brazilian Bucholz (FIDE setting: game against virtual opponent), Medium Bucholz (FIDE setting: game against virtual opponent), and Progressive without going to the last round.

11. In accordance with the FIDE laws of Chess, players must have mobile phones and any other electronic devices completely switched off, and the arbiter may reprimand offenders with penalties ranging from a reprimand to forfeiture of the game, depending on the circumstances (e.g. recidivism). In the event that the device produces noise, the referee may reprimand offenders with penalties ranging from a warning to forfeiture of the game.

12. Any point not foreseen in these tournament rules will be resolved by applying the FIDE regulations for open tournaments. In case of a complaint, it must be made within 1 hour after the end of the round. In this case the organization will create an appeal committee formed by a qualified player, a member of the Balearic federation and a member of the organization.

13. The tournament will be suspended for reasons of force majeure prevent its development, in these cases the organization will be limited to the return of the fees charged.

14. The participants of the tournament, or their legal guardians in case of minors, authorize the publication of their personal data in the different media that the organization finds appropriate as well as the dissemination of the event (list of results, classification, participants, games, photographs and videos of the tournament, etc.)

15. The pairings can be consulted on the web openchessmenorca.com

16. Participation in the tournament implies full acceptance of these rules.

17. Measures to prevent contagion by Covid 19:

In order to preserve the health of all participants, the Chess Menorca Prevention Plan published at www.openchessmenorca.com, a copy of which will be given to each participant, will be compulsorily applied. Among other things, it provides for: disinfection of the premises and playing material before each round.

The operation of the forced air renewal system while the round is being played. Persons who are not tournament players or members of the tournament organisation shall not be admitted to the playing hall..

Operation while the round of the forced air renewal system is being played. People who are not tournament players or members of the tournament organization will not be admitted to the gaming room.

17.1. The correct use of protective masks is obligatory for all persons (*) while they are in the playing room, throughout the game and until they leave the premises. In the different areas of the Hotel the indications that are established must be followed.

17.2. Before the first round is played, participants must fill out a declaration of responsibility in relation to Covid-19.

17.3. If any player fails to comply with points 10, 10.1 and 10.2, he/she will be immediately expelled from the playing area and the tournament.

(*) People who have some kind of breathing difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of the mask, and those people who are contraindicated for health reasons or disability, may replace the mask with a plastic face protection.